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Saheli Loan

SaheliLoan is product which company believes is a step toward women empowerment. In today’s time where we believe that women are equal to men in every sphere of life, they are deprived from financial freedom and we as a company have  customised a unique product for them as Saheli loan. This product  specially designed for young and first time women entrepreneurs who along with  experienced entrepreneurs can  fulfil their dreams by taking loan from us and expand their business.

Under this product, borrower can get higher loan due to joint eligibility and joint co borrowership. The loan is given in the form of overdraft facility which help borrowers to park their extra money into loan account and also reduce their interest cost.

  • Minimum 3 business women or corporate should be there in group
  • At least 2 applicant should operational business for a minimum of 2 year
  • All applicants should have a self owned house or business premise
  • Your annual income should be minimum Rs 3 lacs in last 2 financial years
  • You should have a good CIBIL score and credit history
  • Enhance your loan eligibility by clubbing your friends as group
  • Loan is provided as Overdraft Facility,which reduce your interest cost
  • Loan tenure of 6 months to 24 Months
  • Loan amount from 2 lacs  to 20  lacs
  • Fast disbursement : within 24 hours after completion of documents
  • KYC documents of the  all applicants and the organisations
  • ITR – Financial documents for the last 2 years
  • Bank statements for the last 12 months
  • Existing Loan or overdraft sanction letters ( if any)
  • Ownership proof for self house or business premise


  • B2B Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Distributers

  • Traders

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